Why We Do It

This race is a memorial race in loving memory of Mat DuVall! We hope this race honors his memory by encouraging fitness, bringing joy to children in the community and abroad, by celebrating the Superhero in all of us.

About the Race

Calling all Superheroes, Villains, and helpless Citizens (a.k.a. those not in costume!) This 5K race will be a classic battle of good versus evil, 5K style!  Dress up as your favorite Superhero or Villain, (or create your own character,) for a 5K unlike any other.  There will also be a Superheroes-in-Training Fun Run! Join us after for a Superhero Super Block Party full of fun for everyone! USTAF-certified, Peachtree Qualifier. It will be stroller and canine friendly.

Tortoise and the Hare Racing also accepts donations to rescue children from human trafficking. You can donate when you check out.